Payment must be completed as soon as the auction is won.
Once payment is completed, you may take posession of the item and we will hand you all the relative documents and accessories relating to the item.
To organise pick-up of your item, we suggest you contact the auction hall directly. (Contact us).
The item must be picked up during the following 2 days from the sale date. Parking fee's will be applied 8€ Incl.VAT per day from then on.



Documents to provide to buy at the auction

    • A blank cheque.
    • 2 ID's with matching names with the aforementioned cheque.
  • The above elements will be requested when you win a bid.
  • For those requiring the item for export, we invite you to contact our customer services to inform yourself of any extra modalities required.

Documents to provide to retract an item purchased at the auction

Payment can be done via :
  • Bank cheque.
  • Associative bank cheque letter proving credit. ( click here for an example )
  • Bank wire (IBAN is present on the invoice). Please note that items are released only on confirmation of the successful bank wire & transfer bank order. Please contact us directly to confirm the wire has been successful.

What you must retain :

  • The payments can only be made as per described above.
  • Cash payments are not accepted.
  • Any changes in the name or adresse can only be maade in the following 2 days after the purchase and not possible after.