We've put together a list of controls and services to permit you to buy your material in the same conditions as with a professional dealer.


Checks and internal procedures

We perform multiple checks before the items are presented at the auction :
  • Item reception form and verification of equiment
  • Verification of mileage coherence and/or times
  • Exact trim verification

Items issued from large french groups

The items we present are mainly from french sourcing :

  • financial institutions (end of lease, financing …)
  • compound proprietors (compound renewels, …)
  • manufacturer's and their dealership networks

Contrary to popular belief, financial seizures are a slim part of our activity.

All items presented include all the necessary paper work to allow a smooth transition to a new owner and registration.


MOT on 100% of our LCV's

  • The MOT is obligatory only after the 4th year of the vehicle.
  • For complete transparency, we systematically put the vehicle through a complete MOT test, regardless of the 4 year mark.

Mechanical warranties

  • For the items that are no longer under manufacturer's warranty, a mechanical warranty service is proposed by ASSERENIS.
  • To know more about ASSERENIS, click here.

3 good reasons to be reassured :

  • tems are tested and checked by our on-site team before the auction and any faults are duly noted.
  • we only work with suppliers that can prove the tracability of the item.
  • the optional mechanical warranty allows you to buy as you would from a dealership