Each item is sold in a public auction, meaning that it is open to the general public and professionals.
The auctions are orchestrated by a state recognized autioneer who determines the reserve price, start price and announces the higest bidder (hammer price).
The sale is closed and definitive as soon as the auctioneer annouces it. The buyer is then responsable of the item and no retraction is possible.
The auctions are overseen by the 'Conseil des Ventes Volontaires'.

Physical sales

Physical auctions are preceded by public exhibitions.Read more
The items are presented in the sale order determined by the sale list.
Buyer fee's are to be provided on top of the hammer price.


You may be present at the auction during the sale.

  • Vehicle items are presented running in a heated auction hall with seating.
  • Interested bidders show their intention by a sign of the hand or with their bidder number.

If you can't get to the sale : online bidding

  • If you can't be physically present at the auctions, you can submit a bid order. This order is the maximum amount you are willing to bid to, excluding buyer fee's.
  • During the sale, the auctioneer will bid on your behalf.
  • Bid orders are submitted via the web site. On each item's detail page, click the button "Place a bid online" and follow the various steps.


  • The buyer fee's, in addition to the hammer price, are proportional to the hammer price :
    • Standard fee : 12% Excl.VAT
    • Special fee : 14,4% Incl.VAT for items of legal origin
    • For items marked 'administrative', the fee is 15% Incl.VAT
  • An extra 66€ Incl.VAT must be added for the MOT (VGP).
    Ask for the VGP fee's.

What you must retain :

  • The sales are open to all.
  • Items can only be purchased during the auctions.
  • Purchases are final.
  • Added sales fee's must be provided.