Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be an expert to buy heavy equipment or machinery on auction...
Simply, check the on-site section and the garanties section of our buyer guide to understand more about the auction process.


Our suggestions to correctly buy at the auction :

  • Make sure you've checked the list and make a selection
  • Check the associated documents with each item on your selection : description, MOT, VGP (Periodic general inspection) …
  • Ask someone to show the inside of the item, running engine and any equipments
  • Consult with our team on any queries you may have relating to the item or auction.
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3 good reasons to be reassured :

  • Each item is controlled by our staff and also by an independant MOT center
  • We only work with trusted suppliers that can prove and provide tracability of each item
  • The extra garanty service allows you to buy with the same conditions and reassurance as with any other professional trader
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