All sales are preceded by a public exhibition.
Exhibitions are organised on all our compounds.
Open to all, an exhibition is a crucial step before you participate in the auction.
This will enable you to physically see the items presented and verify their esthetic or mechanical quality.



Monday from 3pm to 6pm.

Tuesday, sale day, from 8am to 10am


List of items on auction

  • All items presented on auction are listed in the sales catalogue. The catalogue is an important document enabling you to follow the auction order and special characteristics of each presented item.
  • For LCV's, a MOT is completed, even if this is not necessarily obligatory. When possible, we also display the log book and related documents.

Information and advice

Our team is available to answer any of your questions to acompany you through the various steps.
The team are available at the "information points".


Item inspection and startup

If possible and at your request, we will open up the item so you may inspect at your will : check equipment functionality, bonets, levels, running engine …

Our suggestions to correctly purchase :

  • Check the catalogue and make a selection.
  • Verify all relative information for the interested items
  • Check the item on site (open up or startup)
  • Ask our onsite team for any further questions your may have.